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Do you want to better understand what intellectual giftedness entails and how you can use it wisely?

Do you want to feel more connected to yourself and as such, become more aware of your potential and level of giftedness, and subsequently use it more efficiently?

Have you felt invisible for a long time? Do you feel disconnected from your environment?

Are you looking for a better (work)place in society, but have you, until now, based your life choices on expectations from others?

Do you want to create room for feelings of loss and grief about what once seemed so beautiful, but couldn’t be?

Do you wish to explore your own possible giftedness as the parent of a gifted child?


✓ Issues regarding meaning and self-development

✓ Increasing awareness and optimal use of (high) giftedness

✓ Feelings of loss and grief about what was or what could never be

✓ Feelings of loneliness, isolation and lack of connection with society

✓ Issues with relationships

✓ Work- and career issues


You are willing to work hard on yourself, so that you can create a better place for yourself in society. This starts with investing in yourself. You are the owner of your progress. Your story is key.

Coaching by Forces of Nature is emphatic, to the point and thorough. Trust, integrity and discretion are highly important.

Forces of Nature uses the foundations of the latest scientific insights without using them as definitive instruments. No importance is given to IQ scores as a method of defining a person; giftedness is a way of being.


Forces of Nature coaching is also available to highly, exceptionally, or profoundly gifted people.

You’re living with great intensities and curiosity. You are a highly creative, critical and deep thinker and you are able to apply your skills in a wide context by quickly processing complex information. You speak a certain language and you wish to speak out more often. Maybe you are humble and never show your giftedness, although you may want to. You are different and may feel lonely and insecure.

Because you are so rare, it is very difficult to find peers who understand your complexity as such. This increases your loneliness, but you need a place to exchange your thoughts.

I welcome adults as well as young adults.


Coaching can take place in Almere, through Skype, E-mail (not for Boost! session), or at your location (Netherlands only).


With Forces of Nature, Dr. Alice K. Burridge offers coaching services and personal development programmes for gifted people in English or Dutch.

She has extensive knowledge of gifted lives, living life as a gifted person, and has a keen interest in the latest scientific insights and literature on giftedness. She is also the award-nominated founder and chair of a charity organisation for gifted people and has been trained as a coach for gifted people.